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Multi-function Mini Jump Starter and Charger

When traveling off the beaten track having a flat battery can be more than just an inconvenience it can dangerous.

Having a portable battery pack that would be small enough to fit in the Tank Bag or Pannier weighing just 221g and the size of a mobile phone is ideal. Wouldn’t it also be great if it could also charge your mobile as well?

An 8000mAh battery pack designed to be powerful enough to start all Adventure Bikes, 12V cars, this unit is the answer.

"We use them here at Adventure Rider Magazine and we have used the unit everytime we are riding, it has become an essential part of our kit".

Products Features ( Product is available only for Australian delivery)

1. Using high capacity and high power polymer battery.

2. Charge the unit while riding, via your 12v outlet.

3. Weighs just 221g and the size of a modern smart phone

4. Supports 12V motorcycle, car, yacht emergency start. (jump leads included)

5. Iphone and micro USB cables provided

6. USB fitting to fit anything into and get a charge everything from it

7. Built in LED light with three settings.

Delivery: Available in Australia ONLY.