Tour Of Duty - Downloadable Ride by Adventure Rider - Sydney to Armidale

Adventure Rider Magazine

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Offroad for beginner level Adventure Riders and those with experience.

This epic ride will give you the best introductory to Adventure Riding in NSW, there is nothing difficult its made with the beginner in mind. And for just $99 you can load it into your GPS and away you go. We recommend GARMIN GPS, there are mobile apps you can also download to support GPX and KML files.

Loads more detail in documents when you download:

1. GPX and KML file

2. Track Notes

3. Riding Tips

4. How to setup your GPS and load maps

See the ADV Rider Mag full story here - read it first if you haven't yet.

"We bet you cant get a smile from your face the whole ride!"

Must read before agreeing to purchase

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